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Family Day Care is a home-based childcare service for families with children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age. A carefully selected group of qualified Educators are registered with us to supervise and educate children in their home.  

Small groups

Educators can care for up to a maximum of 4 pre-school children. These small groups mean your child will gain valuable individual attention so they feel safe and nurtured.

Team approach

Our child-care qualified and trained supervisors oversee the placement of children. We use frequent unscheduled visits to Educator homes to make sure families and Educators have all the support they need.

Exceptional care

We’re an ‘approved child care service’ through the Commonwealth. This means parents can apply for Government subsidies.

We Exceeded National Quality Standards (NQS) in our last accreditation (possible ratings: Meeting, Passing, Exceeding). Children in our care are given quality educational programs, recreational programs, and positive experiences. These help them achieve developmental and learning outcomes according to National Quality Frameworks.

Did you know?

According to Family Day Care Australia 2015 research:

  • Family day care has run for over 40 years
  • There are over 800 family day care approved services
  • Over 220, 850 children are enrolled in family day care
  • Over 123,910 families use family day care.

Childcare and Family Day Care: what’s the difference?

There are a few similarities between a Childcare Centre and Family Day Care: both need to be safe, accredited, and run by professional Diploma qualified educators.

But there are a few major difference: cost, location, and hours are just a few.

This comparison table gives a snapshot of the two types of services. Note that not all family day care businesses are run the same way as VIP Family Day Care - we will only comment on our practices as a family day care service.

Consideration Childcare Centre VIP Family Day Care
Cost $75 - $120 per day

(Pay per full day)
$6 - $10 per hour

(pay by hours needed, not by day)
Child to Carer Ratio 1:12 pre-school children

No school aged Children
1:4 pre-school children

Up to 12 yrs old – can do school drop and pick ups
Hours Typically 6am - 6pm

Heavy penalties apply for late pick-ups.

We can accommodate shift workers, weekends, overnight stays, respite and short term care. No fixed term contracts!
Government subsidies (Department of Health & Education) If eligible: Yes If eligible: Yes
Activities Age appropriate programs planned with reflection and reports for each child. Age appropriate programs planned with reflection and reports for each child (More details under ‘What kids do in VIP Family Day Care Educator homes’ on this page).
Professional Educator (Carer) Yes

Some carers in training for their Diplomas.

All Educators (and the Supervisors that visit them every 3 weeks) each have a Diploma in Childhood Education.
Accredited according to the National Quality Framework Yes Yes
Immunisations All children must have up to date immunisations. All children must have up to date immunisations.
Location A centre Educator’s home mainly

Other excursions with permission from parents.
Back up care (if an Educator is sick or on leave) Yes Yes

Can be arranged.
Safety Safe environment including set up, care processes, and toys. Safe environment including set up, care processes, and toys.

All homes must pass ongoing safety checks every 3 weeks.
Supervisors Centre manager present during opening hours. Supervisors, and Family Day Care Director keep in contact with Educators every week.

Families can contact Supervisors as often as they like.
Special needs / disabilities May be addressed though difficult with typically bigger groups of children. More 1-1 care and attention. Early intervention services can easily be arranged, esp. for kids with Autism or Global Delay.
Choice of Educator Generally no

Large group of children moving around makes it hard for 1 educator to always be assigned to the same child.

Your child will always be with your chosen Educator.

What kids do in VIP Family Day Care Educator homes

Kids will be offered activities that are suitable for their:

  • Age
  • Interests
  • Behavioural and developmental needs
  • Routines.

Activities may include:

  • Listen and dance to music
  • Sing songs
  • Read stories
  • Art and craft
  • Imaginative play
  • Playgroup
  • Play with toys (age appropriate)
  • Trips to the library, park, shops, playground (with parent permission)
  • Eat
  • Rest / Nap.

All Educators:

  • Complete a plan before every day a child attends care
  • Run activities
  • Make sure the environment is always safe
  • Work with each child’s routines
  • Monitor and report on every child’s progress, including their health, mood, and behaviour.

The team

It takes a team approach to make family day care work. Whether you’re an Educator or a family with a child in care, we’re all ‘in it for the kids’. And that is what makes all the difference. Our team includes:

  • Parents
  • Educator
  • Director Angela Buttigieg
  • Supervisors
  • The rest of the VIP Family Day Care team.

How to enrol

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: How much does it cost?

Parents: $6-10 per hour

Educators: Fees

Contact us for current levies and fees.

Question 2: How will I know what makes a good daycare?

  • Check accreditation ratings: Search national registers if you’d like to check out the ratings of family daycare services in your area. As an example, check out our ratings from the last audit.
  • Ask the right questions: Refer to this list of ‘Questions you should ask’ when you contact a daycare service.
  • Meet and greet: Speak to the person who may be looking after your child - and visit their home.

Do your research. And then ask: ‘Am I really comfortable leaving my child in this service’s care?’

I wanted to let you know that my kids have been with one of your educators in Werribee for about 3 1/2 years through your kind services.  She has been absolutely amazing and has gone out of the way multiple times to help my kids and to make things easier for me as a parent as well.
She feels like a part of the family and I do not have enough good words to say about her as a day care educator and as a person. My kids totally adore her!

- Rachi (Werribee)

Enrol Today

To enrol your children for care with one of our approved educators, send us your expression of interest today!

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