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I’m about to go back to work and need to put bubs into care for 3 days a week but I have no idea which is best for my little one - day care or family day care... this is so so stressful.

My daughter is six months and we need to put her into care because we have to run a business.

These are a few common reasons parents need to find care for their children. It’s often a very difficult time for both parents and children, who have spent most of their time together up to now.

Why choose VIP Family Day Care

There are so many reasons to choose family day care. As a parent, we’ll never stop worrying, especially when we’re not with our young children:

What is best for my bub?
Will they be taken care of well?
They can’t speak yet, how will I know they’re ok.
How many other children will be with my child?

What they say about us

In your educators care, my girls have thrived. They have made friends, learned so much, and have confidence in themselves. I have nothing but the highest praise for your educators. Additionally, her facilities are clean, neat, and well maintained.  She is organized in her activities and interactions with other carers.
As much as I hate to admit it, she has probably done a better job at their daily care than I could have done in the same position. She and her family have become our friends.
- Elizabeth (Parent from Hoppers Crossing)

What to expect

  • Individual attention: Your child will get personal attention in a nurturing, safe, and stimulating home environment with small groups
  • Flexible and affordable: To suit your lifestyle and budget
  • Choice: You choose the educator (and their home) for your child
  • Peace of mind: Professionally run since 2004
  • Professional: Educational programs run by qualified childhood educators
  • Siblings: Can be placed together if needed
  • Supportive: Your child, and your family will be supported 110% by a caring team.

We’re known for all this and will do more than you’ll ever expect for your child - and your family. For example, we’re required by law to run police checks on all Educators. Most child care services stop there.

But we take that one step further to protect your children: we run police checks on anyone living in an Educator’s home who are over 18 years old.

It’s another way we give you peace of mind when you’re away from your precious little one.

Hours of care

It’s often hard to find care outside the typical 9-5 workday. We understand some of you work shifts, need to travel for work, or have other unique situations that don’t suit the usual weekday care hours.

So we offer a range of flexible hours to suit your lifestyle.

  • Part time care & full time care - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Before and after school care
  • Evening & weekend care
  • Overnight care (subject to approval from VIP FDC staff)
  • Emergency care
  • Holiday care
  • Respite care.


Educators come from all walks of life, and from many different cultures - as our children do. But what is common between all Educators are the thorough selection process they must pass.

  • Qualified early childhood educators
  • Trained in health, safety, child behaviour
  • Homes are regularly checked for safety and set up suitable for your child
  • Genuine care and dedication for children
  • Current Working with Kids Check, and Police Checks.

Every child has his or her own unique personality, likes, dislikes, interests, and routines. You know your child best - so we let you choose the right Educator for your child, and for you.

Your role as a parent with VIP Family Day Care

Our aim is to ensure the best quality of care for your child and your family - with  your help. Your role as a parent is to maintain close interaction with the Educator.

Let them know what your child needs. Raise concerns or suggestions to improve our service - and help us meet your expectations.

How to enrol your child

  1. Contact us
  2. We’ll mail out an Enrolment Pack (includes Parent Handbook and Enrolment Form)
  3. We’ll give you the names and contact details of 3 Educators
  4. You contact the Educators to arrange an interview and tour of their home
  5. Let us know your decision (within 24 hours of each interview)
  6. Complete Educator/Parent Agreement with Educator
  7. Contact our office to go ahead with care
  8. Care begins (all paperwork must be complete)


No jab, No play

All children must be up to date with their immunisation before using our services (unless exceptions apply): it’s a free and easy to protect your kids.

Government child care assistance

Register with Centrelink and provide your details on the Enrolment form. We can help you through this process if you need.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: What are family day care rates?

Between $6-10 per hour. Government subsidies may be available to you, as we are an ‘approved service’. Visit the Department of Human Services website to find out what subsidies you may be eligible for. When you enrol with us, we’ll also give you a few tips for getting your child care payments right.

Question 2:Why is my child going into someone’s home - not a centre?

Family day care is provided in a home, it’s not a child care centre. The benefits include a nurturing environment with more individual attention, as there are less children than in a child care centre. For a detailed comparison between Childcare and VIP Family Day Care, visit the Family Day Care page.

Question 3: What happens if after visiting the Educator I don’t feel comfortable leaving my child there?

Contact us to discuss your concerns and we’ll attempt to match you with a suitable Educator.

Question 4: How many kids can you have in a home?

1 Educator for every 4 pre-school children (only 1 child under the age of 1 - except twins; only 2 children under 18 months)

Note that 3 school aged children may be cared for in addition to 4 pre-school children (so a maximum of 7 children).

Question 5: Will I get to decide who looks after my child?

Yes. We encourage you to chat to the educators and visit their homes. You should only accept an educator you feel comfortable with. We’ll give you a few options to choose from, and you’ll make the final decision.

Question 6: What do I need to take to an Educator’s home?

Hat and sunscreen
Change of clothes
Water bottle / Milk bottle (if used)
Snacks and meals, (can be arranged at additional cost if required)
Any other item your child needs to be comfortable.

Enrol or Contact us to tell us more about your child.

Enrol Today

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