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February 1st, 2024

National Sustainable Living Festival - 1st Feb 2024 to 29th Feb 2024

Sustainable living week

National Sustainable Living Festival

The National Sustainable Living Festival is the largest and longest-running sustainability-themed event in Australia. The Festival aims to inspire and provide solutions to the sustainability and climate challenges we currently face both now and into the future. The month-long program showcases local and international sustainability and climate thought leaders presenting critical understandings, observations, and insights to help inform and guide the stark choices that now stand before us. Cutting edge sustainability and climate change innovative solutions will be presented in both virtual and in-person formats throughout the month of February with live-streamed and pre-recorded presentations, interactive discussion forums, digital workshops on a variety of topics, and maybe even a virtual tour experience.

The 2024 National Sustainable Living Festival Themes are:

Knowing Country: To be able to celebrate the cultural connections and customs for our country.

Reset and Repair: Addressing climate emergencies and moving towards long-term sustainability to protect our people and planet.

Local Matters: Connecting to the local environment and community and addressing local threats and impacts.

Stayin' Alive: Using biodiversity and the natural environment to reduce the threat of species extinction.

Waste Not: Moving towards a zero-waste world.

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